How to get a free balance on Smm-Rock

 - You are the owner of a YouTube channel, there is a desire to get free money on our service and you are ready to make a video review of our service, then you should contact us.

What channels do we accept?

 - Absolutely any, no matter how many subscribers, views and other things you have, the bonus will be calculated by parameters, views, subscribers, referrals, etc., you can get from $ 1 to $ 500

What should be done?

 - Create a video review of our service, talk about the services, prices, free services that we distribute, and these are free likes, subscribers, and so on. - About our referral program, ways to replenish the balance and not only, in general, about anything.

Description for video

 - The description of the video should contain an interactive link to our service and hashtags on the subject of our site. - also a description regarding the Smm-Rock website

Uploading videos to your channel

 - After uploading the video to your channel, send a link to the video and your login on our website using the contacts below.

How videos are reviewed

 - As soon as our employees see your video, you will be immediately credited with a balance on our website in relation to the quality and other things, each video and each channel will individually receive a balance in accordance with the quality, views, transitions, and so on.



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